Flushing Village Summer Fun Show 2015

To photos from the secoond show - Gallery Flushing Village Fun Show 2015. 

Introduction from the Chairman

Hello everyone,
Welcome to our second summer fun show.
This year we have added, changed and altered some of the classes, these ideas were taken from the suggestion box last year.
This year, we would welcome any more suggestions.
There are no strict rules, so please start planting, building, or making your entry and remember you may enter as many classes as you wish on the same entry form for only £1.
Come along and join in the fun and banter with friends and neighbours.
Thank you,

John Symons (Chairman of the Village Club Committee).

You can collect your copy of the Show schedule from the Flushing Village Store which will show all the classes you can enter. You will need an entry form per person (£1 to enter), or you can download them below:

Timings on the day

8:30 - 10:30 ~ All entries to be brought to Village Club
10:30 ~ Judging will start, no entries accepted after that time
2pm ~ Doors open to the general public
4:30pm ~ Prize Giving & Auction of donated entries

Teas, coffees & various delights available from the kitchen All proceeds to Flushing Village Club.


1. Best potatoes x6

2. Best onions x6

3. Best carrots x6

4. Best runner beans x6

5. Best tomatoes x6

6. Best apples x6

7. Most unusual/ Misshapen fruit or vegetable

8. 6 cut flowers - various

9. Floral arrangement no bigger than 2’x2’x2’ theme “Glorious Cornwall”

10. Best indoor plant

11. Best jam

12. Best chutney

13. Best marmalade

14. Pasty - women only

15. Pasty - men only

16. Scones x6

17. Savoury flan

18. Decorated sponge

19. Any yeast bake

20. Shortbread x6 pieces



21. Knitted item

22. Crochet item

23. Sewn item

24. Painting/drawing ~ any medium

25. Photograph ~ any theme ~ size  6”x 4”

26. Model made from scrap materials

27. Fruit or vegetable sculpture



Ages 5 to 8

1a. Decorated plant pot

1b. Drawing or painting ~ any medium

1c. Model made from scrap materials

1d. Animal made from fruit/vegetables


Ages 8 to 11

2a. Miniature garden

2b. Drawing or painting ~ any medium

2c. Model made from scrap materials

2d. Animal made from fruit/vegetables


Ages  11 to 16

3a. Photograph ~ any theme –size 6”x4”

3b. Model made from scrap materials

3c. Decorated wellington boot

3d. Animal made from fruit/vegetables


Under 5’s

4a. Drawing or painting ~ any medium

4b. Model boat made from scrap materials

Children’s Baking up to age 6

5a. Jam tarts x4

5b. Decorated biscuits x3

5c. Novelty sandwich


Children’s Baking age 6 to 11

6a. Sausage rolls x4

6b. Decorated gingerbread man

6c. Novelty sandwich


Children’s Baking age 11 to 16

7a. Pasty

7b. Decorated cupcake x4

7c. Novelty sandwich



8. Tallest Sunflower— Bring your Sunflower to the Village Club please.


 An Exhibition Table of articles made by The Craft Club